The History Of Saddletree Ranch
For many years, Saddletree Ranch was a working cattle ranch. Currently, Saddletree Ranch covers over 500 acres, 328 lots, with about 1/3 in Travis County and 2/3 in Hays County. The Edwards ranch (140 acres) borders Saddletree Ranch to the south, and Sundance Estates and Vista Oaks sub-divisions to the west.

In the early 80's a development group purchased the land and sections 1 and 2 were developed. Approximately 25 homes were constructed. The original development called for a centralized well, located off of Ranch Road 12. However, the plan was to treat the water at each home, which the State of Texas did not approve. That is why you see fire hydrants in the both sections 1 & 2. Section 1A was created from the acquisition of a small neighboring ranch. During the mid-late 80's, with the oil induced economic slump, Saddletree Ranch ended up in the Resolution Trust Company (RTC).

In 1990, another development group purchased Saddletree Ranch. After a battle to collect back assessments, lots began to sell again. In 1992, with the increased interest in Saddletree Ranch, Section 3 was developed.

With the increased property ownership, the Saddletree Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc. began to focus on planning for the growth of the neighborhood. The Board of Directors negotiated and the members approved the purchase of the front entry building (a commercial lot) and 4 park lots in 1997. After 3 years of work, the restrictions were unified (4 separate sections into 1), commercial property was limited and restricted (the corner of Hamilton Pool and RR 12 has an 11 acre commercial lot and another 2 acre lot on Peerman Lane), and a few areas strengthened in 1998. Duplexes are only allowed on RR 12 south of Saddletree Lane (lots 90 - 98, section 1A)

Many hours of volunteer work has been given to make the neighborhood more attractive. The mailbox cover and area was constructed, new larger mailboxes were obtained from the US Post Office (over $ 8000 worth), land tax reduction was obtained for the community property, and the rights for access and control of the south entry "Saddletree Ranch" rock sign was obtained. The clubhouse in the process of being decorated and repairs have been ongoing (including railing and step replacement, gutters, and painting). Many social events are well attended, including the 4th of July picnic, Halloween Hayride, Easter Egg Hunt, and the competitive Holiday lights contest.

Currently, the Association is focused on increasing the communication among members, enforcing the restrictions, ensuring road repairs, and developing the park area. There are over 220 homes, and it is estimated that the growth will continue until the area has about 250 homes.

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